SBS, on behalf of NHS England are looking for partners to enable us to identify and reach CYP currently in inpatient care
settings, as well as those who are recovering/have been discharged in the last couple of years.
As the National Quality Improvement Taskforce for children and young people’s mental health, learning disability and autism inpatient services aims to drive improvements in learning disability and autism inpatient services,
it is crucial this patient cohort is represented in our engagement work.
We also want to ensure we seek and capture the views of a wide range of individuals, including CYP from the BAME, traveller, LGBTQ, the Deaf Community , and other often seldom-heard groups, who have received/are receiving inpatient care.
– Please submit clarification questions by 12pm on Thursday 8th April.

Responses will be provided within 48 working hours of this deadline.

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