Civil Structural Engineering Services for Additional Accommodation at Naul N.S. Co Dublin. Naul N.S. is a primary school under the trusteeship of the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin.
Please see attached Project Brief & Schedule of Additional Accommodation
In summary, the project will comprise:
Section A: Mainstream Accommodation
• 3 Classrooms: 80 m2 each
• Universal Toilet 4.5 m2
Giving a floor area including circulation and internal walls of: 321.9 m2
Section B: Special Needs Accommodation
• 2 Classroom SEN Base
Giving a floor area (incl circulation and internal walls) of 439.3 m2
Giving Gross Floor Area for Section A & B (including circulation, stairs, lift & internal walls) of 881 m2
• Secure Hard and soft play area 200 m2
• Sensory Garden 100 m2
• 6 parking spaces