Portsmouth City Council (the ‘Council’) is inviting expressions of interest from suitably experienced contractors for the replacement of existing analogue residential Warden and Telecare Call systems installed within the Council’s 34 sheltered housing properties with digital systems.

Following completion of the supply and installation works the Council will also require ongoing servicing, maintenance, repair and spares provision on a rolling basis. In order to ensure flexibility the Council will require that the new systems can operate on a full Open Protocol basis in terms of both hardware / software integration and ongoing servicing & maintenance.

Supply & installation works will be delivered on a phased basis made up of multiple sheltered housing blocks within each phase. The first phase (Phase 1) comprising 8 blocks is targeted to commence on site in January 2022 with all subsequent phases to be completed as far in advance of the 2025 deadline after which the analogue telephone services which the current systems rely upon will be switched off as the UK’s telecoms infrastructure is upgraded to digital connectivity.

In order to provide continuity and ideally realise economies of scale and programme efficiencies, the Council will seek to ideally work with one contractor to deliver the supply & installation works and ongoing servicing & maintenance requirements. However in order to provide contingency and options for programme acceleration of installations a multi-suppler framework made up of 3-4 contractors will be established.

The top ranked framework contractor will be the primary source for all supply & installation works and, unless there is an issue with performance, the sole provider in respect of ongoing servicing & maintenance of the entire system portfolio.

The estimated cost for delivery of Phase 1 is approx. £600k with the further 26 blocks equating to approx. £2.15M bringing the total approx. estimated value for supply & installation of new systems across all 34 blocks to approx. £2.75M. The estimated cost for delivery of on-going servicing & maintenance including for repairs and spares provision is estimated to be at maximum approx. £70k per annum.

Servicing & maintenance agreements will be let on a 5 year initial term which can be subsequently extended on a rolling basis in increments to be agreed of no less than 1 year and no more than 5 years in any one increment. It is anticipated that the new systems and equipment will have a 20 year operational life.

Award of the framework agreement and Phase 1 contract is targeted for November 2021. The framework agreement will run for a period of 4 years with an option to extend for a further 2 years in case there is any delay to the installation programme and / or change to the national analogue to digital switchover timescales.
The Council will run the procurement process in accordance with the ‘Restricted’ procedure as set out wi…