We now wish to appoint a contractor to develop procurement protocols and undertake a tender exercise to appoint contractors to facilitate the upcycling of businesses waste in Norwich.
“Upcycling” In this context means to create a new product of equal or greater value.
The introduction of circular business cases to transform company waste into resources is a key enabler for the transition to a circular economy. Circular measures like re-design of products and processes and green procurement bring EU companies economic benefits of 3-8% of annual turnover.
In this Work Package (WP) the overall objectives are in two parts. Firstly, to develop a protocol and methodology for procurement of circular waste collection and treatment and, secondly, to undertake a full tendering exercise to appoint suitable contractors to pave the way for the delivery a pilot in 2022 in order to test and demonstrate various business cases and solutions for upcycling of business waste in practice.