National Women’s Enterprise Day (NWED) takes place every year in October and is a national celebration of female entrepreneurship. In 2020 the NWED event was celebrated by one national virtual conference around the theme: ‘Stronger Together’, which took place on 14th October 2020.
NWED is an initiative driven by 31 Local Enterprise Offices and the national event showcases panel discussion, specialist sessions, virtual networking, an online marketplace for promoting goods and services and access to experts from state support agencies all centred around stories, experiences and insights from Ireland’s women-led companies. The event also highlights and draws attention to the enterprise supports that are available locally through the LEOs.
In 2020, over 1,600 women nationally ‘attended’ this successful virtual Conference. For a full line up of speakers and themes in 2020, please see the NWED 2020 event brochure in appendix one.
The event is about harnessing ideas, innovation, creativity and about learning from each-other by connecting female entrepreneurs and businesswomen from all over the country and beyond.
National Women’s Enterprise Day is also about flying the flag for all the enterprise supports that are available to businesses locally and highlighting ‘Leading Lights’ female entrepreneurs from around the country to inspire and energize.
The role of the project co-ordinator and event manager will cover the following (not exhaustive):
• Project Co-ordination: Event planning/ identification of content / theme and suitable speakers & contributors (development of Plan)
• Event Content Co-ordination: Liaising with NWED committee and consultation event with 31 LEO NWED co-ordinators in late June to flesh out the theme and content. Regular project committee meetings.
• Technical Planning: Online platform and functionality, selection, procurement and appropriate platform, Booking studio and auto que, online marketplace and networking.