The Depot, Bracknell – Redevelopment

The Depot is located on Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell,RG12 7QT, which is located within a populated residential and commercial area in between Bracknell train station and the A322.
The Depot site is used to run and manage BFC’s commercial services such as refuge collections, grass cutting, landscaping services and highways maintenance.
The three main providers are currently Suez, Continental Landscaping Ltd and Ringway, however the Contracts for the providers are tendered periodically so this could differ in the future. BFC and Unison will also work from the Depot and as such desk spaces will be provided for them as well.
It is proposed to demolish all the existing buildings and structures except the northern boundary storage units (Units 102-105) and the existing diesel tank and pump.
A new building will then be constructed at the eastern end of the site, which will comprise of 2 workshops and 1 storage unit of equal sizes, these will all be double height to allow for vehicle maintenance. A single storey office block will be constructed at the end of the workshops/storage units. The whole building will have a footprint of circa 1150m2.
The remaining site will be divided with BFC selling a third of the site, whilst retaining two thirds for the redevelopment of The Depot. The site levels will be adjusted accordingly, and a new below ground drainage system will be installed. Parking spaces for private and commercial vehicles will be carefully arranged to allow safe access and egress and the bays will be painted.
New CCTV, security systems, site wide lighting and a vehicle wash down will also be provided.
The retained northern boundary storage units will be refurbished and modernised with the existing asbestos roof covering being safely removed and a new roof covering replaced, new roller shutters, a rewire and new lighting and fire alarm system. Minor brickwork and concrete repairs will also be undertaken.
There is a significant quantity of asbestos at The Depot and as part of the Redevelopment works it will be the Main Contractors responsibility to manage and arrange for the safe removal and disposal of all asbestos. A full Refurbishment and Demolition asbestos survey report will be provided with the tender documentation for costing purposes.
Construction works are programmed to commence early 2022 and be completed early 2023

Organisations must register their interest on the South East Business Portal site in order to receive any changes or notifications issued by the Council during this tender process. The Council will not be held responsible for lack of communication to any organisation who does not register their interest. Clarification questions can also be sent through this site.