SmartPly Europe DAC are seeking tender proposals from a suitable qualified Fire Safety company. This service should be in accordance with the attached specification and certification requirements of: IS 291:2015 Irish Standard for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and the selection, installation, inspection, maintenance and replenishment of water-based, foam, powder, carbon dioxide and wet chemical portable fire extinguishers, fitted with the pressure relief device defined in European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. The quantities specified in annual usage document will be subjected to fluctuate due to fire/fire watch activity during duration of the contract. The contract duration will be set for 3 years and SmartPly reserves the right to extend a further year pending an internal review.

Service Requirements will include the following: –
• Carry out a usage check on all fire extinguisher bottles throughout the facility on a quarterly basis in agreement with Smartply point of contact.
• Replenish/Refill or Replace bottle where necessary and place into exact location after service is complete
• Notify the Safety Officer of any non-compliancy related issue that might pose a risk regarding fire protection.
• Details of the transaction must be provided to Smartply prior to leaving site and signed off by the Safety Officer on site or another designated person before the transaction is valid.