The current Medway Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) for Medway was undertaken in 2018 and is due to run out in October 2022. This is a mandatory function that Health and Wellbeing boards need to deliver every three years. It was agreed by Public Health DMT that this Needs Assessment be undertaken independently and should be commissioned out.

The current PNA has been assessed independently and the general structure of the assessment is deemed to be sound. The provider will need to update and refresh the current Medway Council PNA within the timescales required by the Authority. The final PNA should comply with the latest relevant statutory regulations. It should enable Medway Health and Wellbeing Board to comply with its legal obligations as set out in 2012 Health and Social Care Act The PNA should be locally relevant and inform local service planning and commissioning.

The Contract is anticipated to commence on 1st December 2021 and will continue for a period of 7 months