Donegal County Council propose to build a new footbridge adjacent to and upstream of Clady bridge in Bunbeg, Co.Donegal. The new bridge will be suitable for both pedestrain and cycle traffic and shall have a minimum width of 3m. The footbridge will be in excess of 30m long and due to the sensitivity of the watercourse will have a main span of in excess of 20m to allow 5m set back from the rivers edge. The foot bridge will tie into existing pedestrian infrastructure to the north of the bridge and to a safe crossing point at a suitable location to the south of the bridge.

The bridge spans the Clady River which rises in the Derryveagh mountains and flows westwards through Lough Nacung and outfalls into the estuary of the Gweedore River. The Clady River and Clady Bridge are within the Fawnboy Bog / Lough Nacung SAC and pNHA (Site Code 000140). Freshwater Pearl Mussels are one of the qualifying interests for this site and are known to be present in the vicinity of the bridge.

Donegal County Council are seeking tenders from suitably qualified consultant engineers to develop and design the proposed footbridge to facilitate the provision of an improved road alignment and cross section. The appointment will require the consultant to undertake the necessary site surveys and investigations, the bridge design, manage the environmental constraints, obtain the statutory approvals, oversee the tender process, manage the construction project and handover the completed project to the client in accordance with the project brief.

The design of Clady Footbridge at Bunbeg, Co Donegal
Dear Sir / Madam
Thank you for your interest in this competition. Donegal County Council seek tenders from suitably qualified consultant engineers to design a new footbridge over the Clady River at Bunbeg, Co. Donegal. Full details of the competition and the tender package can be obtained from this etenders RFT. Tenders should be submitted using the etenders electronic tender box before 2pm on the 06/10/21 and candidates should allow sufficent time to upload their tender submission thereon.
Should you have any tender queries please submit them via the etenders messaging system, and responses will be issued through the same medium and circulated to all candidates. Should there be any tender bulletins or updates to the tender package they too will be circulated via the tenders website.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success with this competition.
Kind regards