Defra’s E.L.M. requires provision of two separate flexible contracts with suppliers with agricultural and ecological expertise required for
1). developing payment rates and,
2). the independent verification of the calculated rates.
The tender will establish 2 separate call-off contracts for Lot-1 (consisting of sub lot-1A and Lot-1B) of the tender and Lot-2 of the tender.
The separate contracts are to assure independent objectivity of the verification process in lot-2.
Both contracts will each be for a maximum duration of 4 years in total (2-years initially, followed by of 2 possible 1-year extensions).
A high-level description of the lots are as follows:

LOT-1: Payments Data, Calculations and bespoke ad hoc research
– Lot-1A) Technical support for the calculation of E.L.M. payment rates consisting of,
– The production of new building blocks that are needed for E.L.M actions, with clear sources of data and assumptions. Primarily this will be national averages, but some local/bespoke building blocks will be required.
– Generate assumptions, in collaboration with Defra specialists, needed for payment calculations on how an E.L.M action affects a particular farming system.
– Construct payment calculations, using our payments calculator and ensure our model can be scaled up in size for new payment calculations.

– Lot-1B) Provide support to E.L.M. payment policy development through bespoke research projects, as specified and agreed between E.L.M. and the supplier throughout the contract.

LOT-2: Verification of Payments Data (calculated by the contractor awarded lot-1A).
An independent consultancy to provide assurance on the data, assumptions and payment calculations produced in lot-1A) to ensure they stand up to scrutiny from the main bodies interested in the technicalities of our payment calculations.