The University of Roehampton uses an external provider for the following student recruitment and admissions services; enquiry management (for non-UK applicants), admissions service encompassing the creation and management of an online application form and an agreed review process for applications received (for all non-EU applicants and for EU/UK postgraduate applicants) and conversion management (for all applicants). The University processes in the region 17,000 – 18,000 appliacnts per year and processes enquiries by phone, e-mail and live chat.
The University of Roehampton seeks to appoint a provider who can sustain this valuable and user-friendly service, both to customers and the University’s internal and external stakeholders. To underpin these services, the provider would be expected to be able to evidence robust, secure and innovative technology solutions, including sophisticated reporting, accessible from the client-side. The provider should have a demonstrable record of service level improvement and innovation and are required to assist in the University’s on-going recruitment and marketing strategies, helping to maximise the number of enquiries, applications and enrolling students in an increasingly competitive market environment.