CAS-3 is a new service for the Authority. The successful Suppliers will provide a delivery model that meets the specification and accommodates Person(s) on Probation (“POP”) referred to them by the Probation Homelessness Prevention Team (“HPT”) for a period of up to 84 nights.

Each lot comprises sub-regions that the successful Supplier(s) will source accommodation services for. The successful Supplier(s) for the North West Region lot will accommodate approximately 77 POPs each month (NB this figure comprises sub-regional requirements). This number is indicative and the Authority reserves the right to adjust the number of beds, or the cohort using the beds during the life of the contract based on its demand and forecasting information.

The successful Suppliers shall provide Support to a POP residing in the Accommodation. The Support provided by the Supplier must include contact at least once per week. The focus of the Support is to assist the Prison Leaver to manage their temporary accommodation and to assist the Community Offender Manager and Commissioned Rehabilitation Services provider (Accommodation) (if different) to carry out activities towards moving on into settled accommodation. This support will not be focussed on helping the Prison Leaver to rehabilitate as part of their resettlement planning.

The successful Supplier shall offer a range of Accommodation including properties with one (1) Bed Space in self-contained units up to properties with a maximum four (4) Bed Spaces. Each Accommodation unit shall be dedicated to single gender usage (i.e. men or women or transgender (as required)). A minimum of 10% of total Bed Spaces must be kept exclusively for females on probation, subject to the approval of the Authority, which may include changing the gender usage depending on demand. The location of the female units to be determined in discussion with the Authority. Female accommodation units should be 1 or 2 bed spaces. For transgender individuals the Authority will liaise with the Supplier in order for their Accommodation to be managed on an individual basis.

As a minimum, the Accommodation provided must comply with Decent Home Standards published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, be of a good standard, and is furnished and arranged in compliance with any applicable law, regulation, or guidance concerning COVID-19.

The Authority will be hosting a virtual webinar on the week commencing 12 April 2021 to inform potential bidders about the Jaggaer and bidding process.