This service specification relates to the provision of a community vasectomy service. RCCG, HCCG and BD CCG are seeking suitably qualified and experienced providers to deliver a local community-based Vasectomy Service.
The service will provide a high quality and safe one or two stage, no-scalpel technique vasectomy under local anaesthetic, in accordance with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist guidelines, (RCOG), in a primary care setting to all adult males who request it, are of sound mind, not acting under external duress.

The main aims of the service are:

– To provide a high quality, cost effective, local community vasectomy service

– To provide services that comply with accepted best practice, relevant accreditation processes, relevant guidelines in clinical practice and robust governance arrangements.

– To provide a complete holistic patient focused care package; including pre and post-operative care, information, advice and counselling

– To provide an opportunity for men’s Health Promotion

– To ensure consistent and continuous care between health professionals, and effective and efficient communication.

– To improve access and convenience for patients

– To improve patient choice

Further information can be found at the following website address: