Repairs to concrete and treatment of corroded reinforcement bars at Oxnop and Healaugh bridges. Work is also required at Healaugh bridge to address water filtering through the loose verge material into the arch.

The project objectives are:
1) Ensure the safety of the public and staff at all times.
3) Repair concrete on arches as identified on drawings and agreed with NYCC representative on site
3) Protect training wall on upstream side from further scour

Concrete repairs require protection of the watercourse from pollution including pollution by waste concrete, should a working platform or scaffold be required this must be removed from the channel at the end of each working day in accordance with the conditions of the watercourse consents.
Low drystone walls are required to be taken down and rebuilt to get access to the watercourse at both Oxnop and Healaugh bridges.

Oxnop Bridge is at Gunning Lane, Low Oxnop nr Muker. DL11 6JH
grid ref: SD 93333 97587

Healaugh Bridge is at Gunning Lane, Healaugh nr Reeth. DL11 6UH
grid ref: SE 01479 98716