NHS England/Improvement seeks to commission a Breast Screening Programme for the residents of Surrey and North East Hampshire. The contract will serve an eligible population of approximately 182,000 women aged 50-70.

The aim of the NHS breast screening programme is to reduce mortality from breast cancer by diagnosing cancer at an early stage when treatment is more successful. The successful bidder will be required to deliver a screening programme which is fully compliant with all relevant national standards and pathways and which includes the following elements:

• Identification and invitation of the eligible female population for screening at appropriate intervals (i.e. call/recall) in accordance with national guidance
• Providing appropriate information to allow women to make an informed choice about whether or not to participate in screening
• Providing high quality, accessible, effective people-centred mammography screening services
• Ensuring GPs are informed of screening in their area, and the final outcomes of screening invitations for each of their patients
• Undertaking assessment and diagnosis of individuals with abnormal initial test results; accurately diagnosing cancers, with reference to multidisciplinary team decisions; and referring women for treatment by appropriately trained and qualified specialists in accordance with nationally agreed protocols and treatment pathways
• Managing screening according to national protocols for women with specific conditions which place them at high risk for developing breast cancer
• Working with other local stakeholders to maximise uptake, improve quality and tackle inequalities and improve outcomes.
• Delivery by suitably trained, competent and qualified clinical and non-clinical staff who, where relevant, participate in recognized ongoing continuing medical education, continuous professional development, and external quality assurance schemes, using equipment which meets the NHSBSP standards of image quality and radiation dose, with audit embedded in the service

The population to be served by the programme will be those covered by the following 3 CCGs: NHS Surrey Heartlands, NHS Surrey Heath and NHS North East Hampshire and Farnham.

Whilst there are no specific changes to the geographic footprint and population covered by this service anticipated at this point, the provider must be prepared to work with commissioners to implement any such alterations that do arise due to developments during the life of the contract.
This tendering process will consist of two stages: (1) Stage 1 will entail Providers expressing their interest and providing evidence of their capability and capacity in relation to the service requirements.