Milton Keynes Council wishes to invite applications for admission to Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to secure local bus service and demand responsive service.
The DPS is divided into 2 lots:
Lot 1: Local Bus Service
Lot 2 : Shared taxi and Demand Responsive Service
Application may be submitted for any one or both lots.
Any contracts that are to be awarded via this DPS will be done so via the terms of this DPS. Tenders are expected to be run throughout the term of the DPS. The resultant contracts will run for the period stated within the specification/requirement.
Invitations to Tender will be conducted via e-auctions, e-quotes (prices submitted by email and /or via an etendering system) or RFQ (via email and/or an e-tendering system). Invitations to tender may be issued at any time during the term of the DPS.
The total value of DPS will not be greater than £15,000,000. There will be no guarantee of work or volume of work to be given under this DPS.
The services are procured under a multiple-provider Dynamic Purchasing System. There will be no limit to the number of Providers accepted onto the Dynamic Purchasing System, providing they meet the selection criteria. The Authority is therefore able to add Tenderers throughout its term.
New Tenderers will be able to apply to be accepted onto the Dynamic Purchasing system at any point during the term of the DPS.
Tenderers are responsible for ensuring that they inform the Authority of any material changes to the information supplied in any application at any time during the term of the DPS. The Authority will consider material changes and decide if they impact upon the Tenderer’s ability to comply with the requirements of the service specification.