At present a requirement exists for IMDBON location monitoring services in 2 Lots. LOT 1 with a remote powered transponder module with internal battery, LOT 2 with a self powered transponder module. Tenderers are invited to bid for one or more Lots.
To follow good practice and for maritime safety reasons, the Marine Institute continually monitor the location of all marine platforms deployed offshore, for example meteorological buoys, oceanographic monitoring buoys. This requires the provision of marine platform location monitoring and reporting services. The location services could be required for any offshore location.

The primary requirement at present is to support the Irish Marine Data Buoy Observation Network comprised of five offshore buoys deployed around the Irish coast. They collect weather and oceanographic data in real-time and transmit the data directly to MI for onward hourly transmission to Met Eireann for real time weather forecasting, and also back to the Marine Institute, where it is published on-line and used for weather forecasting and oceanographic modelling, maritime vessel safety and sea-based leisure activities etc. The IMDBON platforms are located at the following positions:

M2: 53.4800°N 05.4250°W
M3: 51.2166°N 10.5500°W
M4: 54.9982°N 09.992154°W
M5: 51.6900°N 06.7040°W
M6: 53.07482°N 15.88135°W