FSCS wishes to competitively tender for software tool that will enable FSCS to run a variation of tests for the website and other digital platforms such as Verification Services platforms and FSCS logged-in area of the website (also known as claim journey). The maximum contract duration will be 4 years to be executed 12months at a time. The tool is expected to function as a stand-alone tool or software as a service confirming to FSCS security permissions and data protection regulations. The software will need to be able to take image files and urls for participants to test against. The software will not require access to any FSCS development environment or live/production environment. All tests should be accessible within the software, and participants are expected to execute the tests using images and urls provided where necessary. The urls provided will be generated from a design tool called Adobe XD enables interactive prototypes produced by a designer and allows it to be shared as a link. This link will be required to be accessible by the participants as part of conducting the tests. The images provided will be those created by a designer, and will be in uploaded onto the software platform as any image format (jpg, png, gif etc).