The South London Partnership is working to deliver an exciting and innovative “Internet of Things” (IoT) project across its five member councils; Croydon, Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Sutton. This initiative is being funded by the Strategic Investment Pot (SIP) as part of the London Councils’ Business Rates Retention scheme, which is administered by the City of London Corporation.

This project will enable the London Borough of Sutton & Kingston Landlord Services to gain a more accurate insight into when fly tipping is occurring, in what volume and by whom.

In support of Sutton & Kingstons strategic visions to make their boroughs a place that more people want to work / live and spend time in. The need to prevent fly tipping disrupting travel, residents and businesses is a key part to underpinning the generation of a positive impression for the borough.

A real time insight into the hotspots and incidents will empower the Council & Landlord Services Officers. It will help them move away from having to react to events or using educated guesses to knowing actually what is happening in its known problem areas.

The objective of this use case is to deliver a pilot programme that allows the SLP to test IoT Fly Tipping detection solutions and refine the scope and technical details before potentially rolling out to other problem locations across Sutton, Kingston and the other SLP partner boroughs. Ultimately the goal is to reduce dramatically the number of fly tipping instances in the two boroughs initially participating, to therefore avoid the menace fly tipping brings and with associated costs to the Council & Landlord services plus the wider economy.