The Procurement is subject to the light-touch regime under Section 7 Social and Other Specific Services. Under Regulation 76 the Authority is free to establish a procedure, provided that procedure is sufficient to ensure compliance with the principles of transparency and equal treatment of economic operators (service providers).

The Council of the London Borough of Newham (“the Authority”) invites Application Forms from suitably qualified and experienced providers for the provision of shopping support and activity companions for adults with disabilities/ learning difficulties/ complex health needs and older residents. The Procurement will be a one stage process, with any interested organisation/consortium may submit a Bid in response to this RFQ. We welcome collaborations and partnerships organised within a lead provider model. In these cases the funding will be allocated per project, not per organisation.

The Authority’s intention is to be able to offer a wide range of flexible and innovative shopping support and community engagement services that meet the needs and wishes of our adult disabled residents/with health needs and / or older residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the services is to support residents out of lockdown, particularly those who have been self-isolating for some time and may have lost confidence to go out and engage back in the community. This includes but is not limited to;

– Shopping support which could include help with access to hardware and software for online shopping, safely accompanying individuals to and around the shops, transport, help to pack away, etc.

– Support to participate in the Creating an Active Borough physical activities led by Public Health, to meet the priorities in the 50 Steps to a Healthier Newham Strategy;

In particular, we are looking for innovative but personalised services that meets the shopping and community engagement support needs of adults with disabilities/heath needs/older people.

The Provision will be divided into Lots:
Lot 1: Shopping Support
Lot 2: Activity Companions
Evaluation will be on 100% quality, with pricing submitted for information only.

The Authority is looking to award approximately 10 projects, subject to organisations meeting the minimum quality requirements. However, this may vary due to the number of bids received per Lot, proposed price and nature of the support being proposed. The total value for each project will be up to a maximum of £10,000. Proposals in excess of this amount will not be considered. Lower bids for more modest proposals are welcome.