Road Traffic Collision (RTC) Cutting Equipment is used extensively during operational activity and is essential equipment for Fire Services. Dublin Fire Brigade are seeking tenders for the supply of Battery Operated and Hydraulic RTC Cutting Equipment over a period of 4 years in 2 Lots.
Lot 1 – Battery Operated Cutting Equipment
Lot 2 – Hydraulic Cutting Equipment
DFB currently use mostly hydraulic equipment but intend replacing our 22 sets of cutting equipment. It will begin with introducing some battery operated and eventually working with a mixture of both. Initially 3 Sets of battery operated equipment (including batteries and chargers) and 1 set of hydraulic equipment will be purchased. . A set of battery operated equipment consists of a cutter, spreader, ram, 6 batteries and 3 battery charging units. A set of Hydraulic equipment consists of a cutter, spreader, ram, 2 hoses and a power pack. Further purchasing over the lifetime of the frameworks will be dependent on budgets and replacement requirements but there is no guarantee of additional purchasing.