The contract will cover the following (not exhaustive):
• Project Concept: Event concept to be developed in conjunction with TU Communications Group. Concept to include all physical campus locations with a view to achieving the TU’s strategic objectives, and to maximise media and online impact of the new TU brand.
• Project planning and implementation: Event planning / delivery of content / theme / tone and the projection of events into the media.
• Pre-and post-event Communications and PR: Publicity for event to be included as part of this tender, including all pre-event communications, and post-event follow-up. This will include integration with TU’s social media and other communications platforms, and may include both paid and earned coverage and reach. All communications will support the event’s successful execution and stakeholder expectations of the launch.
• Event Content Co-ordination: Regular project meetings with Communications Group.
• Technical Planning: Online platform and physical event planning, including adherence to public health advice.
• Event production: All direction and execution, including rehearsals as appropriate.
• Other: Invitations, advertising, collateral, etc. as appropriate to the concept and agreed with the TU.