Southend Borough Council (SBC) is seeking to commission a Provider to deliver a Pharmaceutical needs Assessment (PNA) for Southend.

The PNA will describe the health needs of the population, review current pharmaceutical provisions and identify any gaps. The aims of this PNA are to:
1) determine if there are sufficient community pharmacies to meet the needs of the population of Southend
2) determine other services which could be delivered by community pharmacies to meet the identified health needs of the population.

The party commissioned to deliver the PNA will be expected to deliver, as a minimum, the following:
Project Planning and Governance
– Project plan development
– Rag Rated Risk Log
– Convene Steering Group
– Draft, edit and finalise Terms of Reference for Steering Group
– Draft Communications Plan

PNA Development
– Triangulation, review and analysis of all data and information collated to identify gaps in services based on current and future population needs
– Draft PNA to take to appropriate Boards for feedback and approval by June 2022
– Edit and finalise Final PNA in August 2022 (meeting the Councils accessibility standards)
– Develop PNA summary in the form of an infographic to present to appropriate Boards by August 2022

The findings from the PNA will be used to meet the health needs of the population and help us to achieve our Safe & Well theme as part of our Southend 2050 ambition. The PNA will be used to:
· Inform commissioning plans about pharmaceutical services that could be provided by community pharmacies and providers to meet local needs in Southend
· Ensure high quality pharmaceutical service delivery
· Facilitate opportunity for pharmacists to make a significant contribution to the health of Southend residents
· Ensure adequate coverage of pharmaceutical services for Southend’s growing population, in line with our Local Plan

Bidders should note that all clarification questions must be made in writing (via email). The Council, at their discretion, reserves the right to circulate any response to all suppliers. All clarification questions must be clearly marked CLARIFICATION with the question and Supplier details clearly set out. Any clarification questions from the Supplier to the Council should be sent to

To allow information to be circulated in time, the deadline for receiving clarification questions
is 12:00 on 20 September 2021
The quotation return date is 12:00 on 29 September 2021

Quotations should be submitted to (you are recommended to request confirmation of receipt). Please use the title ‘PNA quotation’ when submitting your