This is a Competitive Procedure with Negotiation
The return date and time of 14th October 12 Noon is the return deadline for return of SQs (Supplier Selection Questionnaires)
The contract length is for up to 10 years on a term of 8+2 or 8+1+1 – this will be determined by WDH with the contract commencing 1st July 2022 reviewable annually, subject to satisfactory performance and benchmarking by WDH and the requirements of WDH..

This is for the provision of a managed stores & materials replenishment solution as detailed within the
procurement process documentation. This is available via the proactis ProContract etendering
system link: Use the
‘narrow your results’ facility under ‘organisations’ and click on ‘Wakefield and District
Housing Limited’ to find the opportunity.
The selection, award and evaluation information is in the procurement process documents available as detailed above