Tir Prince is an amusement park located on the A548/Towyn Road in the coastal town of Kinmel Bay, approximately 3 miles from the seaside resort of Rhyl, on the North Wales coastline. Tir Prince hosts several popular activities and has a permanent fairground that attracts thousands of visitors every year. This influx of visitors to the park creates heavy congestion on the A548/Towyn Road and queues build up very quickly. The queueing traffic then has a negative effect on adjacent businesses and makes it very difficult to travel through the area.
The proposal is to create another vehicle access road into the Tir Prince site, off the A548/Towyn Road, through an existing unofficial car park to the East of the existing entrance.
The intention is also to create a new multi user path along the south side of the A548/Towyn Road, by widening the existing footway to 3metres. This multi user path will start at the bus stop near the A548/Towyn Road’s junction with Morfa Avenue and, will run Westwards, past the entrance to Tir Prince, until it reaches the Towyn Park.
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