A highly efficient and professional ICT Support Service is required to support Department of Foreign Affairs staff across the Department in achieving their business objectives. The technical capacity to deliver the service must be supported by a keen focus on quality customer service.

The successful service provider will be expected to provide quality, on-site resources for the ICT Support Service to support, maintain, and enhance ICT services. Engineers will respond to a wide range of ICT-related queries from staff at any office of the Department by email, telephone and online from the Department’s offices in 76-78 Harcourt Street and 23-27 Henry Street, Limerick, or via remote access where needed.

The ICT Support Service will also be expected to be involved in a range of critically required proactive support services including, but not limited to, designing, developing and implementing changes to the Department’s ICT Infrastructure (voice, telecommunications and data services), server and end-user device builds, as well as providing input to ICT development projects.