The United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence (MOD) potentially have a requirement for a Chemical Agent Resistant Material (CARM) to provide protection to personnel and equipment from contamination and cross-contamination.

The UK MOD would like to invite interested potential suppliers to participate in a Request for Information (RFI) questionnaire.

The RFI consists of several questions which will allow potential suppliers to provide information on COTS or possible bespoke CARM items which would meet the requirements of the Authority.

Please note that you are not expected to provide comment on how you would undertake any validation testing of the products as the Authority expect to perform this work to and ensure conformance to the requirements. However, the Authority would still welcome evidence from other projects or references if you are able to provide examples of how you have tailored the physical characteristics (similar to those listed in the RFI questionnaire) in the development of bespoke products.

Please note that this is a Request For Information only. This request is not a commitment by the Authority to launch a formal procurement process and the requirement, described, is subject to change, the objective of this RFI is to explore existing solutions available in the market.

For further information, please request a copy of the RFI questionnaire from the named contact by 05/10/2021.

Josef Pocock