Warwickshire County Council (WCC) is seeking to commission an arts organisation as a single provider to organise, deliver and oversee an arts project that will take the theme of ‘Marking the pandemic, reflecting personal experiences and a sense of community in Warwickshire.’
The last 12 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been turbulent and stressful, bringing huge personal adjustments to all our lives, and for some it has brought anxiety, great sadness, and personal loss. However, it has also brought hope in many forms. One being the positive stories of our communities and individuals who have given us optimism and a sense of purpose. This collective positivity and acts of kindness has created a strong community feeling in many places, some building on what was already there, some very new, but all connecting people, supporting people and caring for people during the pandemic. It has urged people to talk to their neighbours, help reduce isolation and loneliness, become involved and become a voice for their community. It is the aim of this project to capture all these stories and feelings and represent them through art to shine a light on the strength of people and places in the face of challenge and adversity.

The project will capture, document, and showcase the full range of experiences and reflections of individuals and communities in regard to living in a time of pandemic and their aspirations for the future. This will be through meeting with and interviewing individuals and organisations, undertaking oral histories, and collecting objects of significance that represent these stories.