Invitation to Tender – Subcontract requirement for the delivery of Apprenticeship, Adult Education Budget, Adult Community Learning and 16-19 Study Programme provision on behalf of The Cornwall College Group

Cornwall College Further Education Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the College) wish to invite potential suppliers to provide a Tender Submission for the requirement detailed in Schedule C of this invitation to tender (hereinafter referred to as the Tender) which includes the following documents:

Part 1: To be retained by the potential supplier.
• Schedule A: Instructions to Suppliers
• Schedule B: Conditions of Submission
• Schedule C: Specification/Description of Requirement
• Schedule D: Agreement / Terms and Conditions

Part 2: Tender Submission – to be returned to the College by the potential supplier.
• Schedule E: Supplier Questionnaire
• Schedule F: Form of Tender
• Schedule G: Price Schedule and Method Statement
• Schedule H: Subcontractors
• Schedule Q: Qualification of Offer

The College’s electronic tendering system (hereinafter referred to as In-Tend) will be used for this Tender should you decide to provide a response to this Tender your Tender Submission must be returned in accordance with the detail provided in Part 2 through In-Tend and received no later than 12 noon 11/05/2021 (herein after referred to as the Tender Return Date)

The College intends to evaluate all Tender Submissions received in such time that an Agreement will be awarded by 22/07/2021 to meet a service commencement date of 30/07/2021.

The College does not enter into post tender negotiation on price, therefore your Tender Submission should contain your best offer which shall be evaluated against any other tender submissions received.

We look forward to receiving your completed Tender Submission.