Bidders are asked to submit a formal tender for the “Wondrous Place Gallery Football Immersive Film Tender”.

With the reinstatement of the Wondrous Place Gallery aiming at updating, improving and refreshing the content, accessibility and design of the gallery, the “Kicking and Screaming Experience” needs to be updated to reflect recent events and to adjust its narrative style to truly reflect an inclusive and diverse picture of football in Liverpool.

The original film was created in 2011, with the majority of its content still relevant to this project. We invite bidders to work from the existing film and to present an upgrade in style and design, as well as an expansion of the narrative that incorporates new footage of recent events in football in Liverpool.


Using the existing film as a base, we invite bidder to propose a refreshened and reinvigorated experience of our Football Immersive film, including:

 showcasing a film that better reflects the diversity of football fans.
 including additional footage and improved content, interpretation and design that attracts a wider and more diverse audience.
 showcasing and amplifying the inclusion of groups historically excluded from the social picture of football in Liverpool.
 reusing current film footage as and if appropriate.
 updating content for existing narratives within the film and plan appropriately to adapt the film to new AV equipment purchased as part of the reinstatement project.
 including new content to represent Liverpool’s contemporary history of football.
 updating license agreements due for renewal.

See Appendix J for detailed Schedule of Services.

Please note the hardware will be provided by NML’s chosen hardware suppliers. We welcome bidder to suggest hardware upgrades. See Appendix I for full list of current hardware list of equipment and current software. A Hardware package will go out to tender once the Software contractor has been appointed.

The software content provider will need to work and collaborate with the internal content team to create and deliver the production of the AV software content for the gallery. Once all AV software content has reached the final stage of sign-off by the client, the AV Software content provider will be responsible to deliver all AV content to the AV Hardware contractor.

The successful bidder is expected to submit the final Football Immersive Film on September 13 2021 at noon. The deadline to commission, test and install all digital elements on gallery is on w/c 11 October 2021. The AV Software content provider will need to deliver all final version/signed off AV content to the AV Hardware provider by September 10 at the latest time to install the AV software content onto gallery.

AV & Hardware installation is due to commence on w/c 27 September 2021 and be completed within two weeks.