1.1 The purpose of this tender is to appoint a consultant to undertake an Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), requirements of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act (WBFGA) 2015, Health Impact Assessment (HIA), Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA), Welsh Language Impact Assessment and all other statutory required assessments for the Caerphilly County Borough 2nd Replacement LDP up to 2035.
1.2 A full review of the LDP formally commenced in February 2020 with consultation on the Council’s Review Report being undertaken in February and March. Consultation on the Delivery Agreement (DA) has been delayed due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but recommenced on January 25 2021 for a nine-week period. The DA will be submitted to Welsh Government for agreement as soon as possible after the consultation period. The formal preparation timetable for the 2nd Replacement LDP will be set out in the DA, which will include the critical dates for the ISA preparation.
1.3 The 2nd Replacement LDP will cover the plan period 2020-2035, and once adopted, will form part of the development plan for the County Borough (along with the National Development Framework upon its publication, and the South East Wales Strategic Development Plan upon its adoption). Adoption of the 2nd Replacement LDP is anticipated in 2025. The LDP that was adopted in 2010 and is currently in effect will ‘drop dead’ at the end of 2021.
1.4 The key tasks involved in the preparation of the ISA (which are set out in detail in the tender) are:
• Scoping (undertake Review of Relevant Plans, Policies and Programmes, develop ISA framework and prepare Scoping Report);
• Assessment of Preferred and Alternative Strategies (including assessment of candidate sites);
• Preparation of ISA Report;
• To prepare written responses to representations made in respect of the Scoping Report, Assessment of Preferred and Alternative Strategies and the ISA Report;
• If required, to review Focused Changes and update the ISA Report;
• If required, to review modifications as a result of the examination and update the ISA Report.
1.5 In undertaking the commission, the successful consultant will be required to do the following where necessary:
• Undertake formal consultation with statutory consultees, Specific Consultation Bodies and General Consultation bodies where required by the process and where required by the council
• Attend public meetings, exhibitions and other meetings as required
• Attendance at the LDP Examination to give expert witness in respect of the ISA and assessment of the LDP
• Provide responses to queries and representations in respect of the ISA
• Present to respective council meetings.
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