Tenders are sought for the supply and installation of two (2) benchtop ICP-OES systems each with an Autosampler and accessories for the analysis of animal feedingstuffs, fertilisers and limestones including, but not limited to, feed materials (organic and inorganic) including oils and molasses/high sugar products, compound feeds, complimentary feeds, feed additives, premixtures, mineral mixes, grass, silage, urea, limestone and both organic and inorganic fertiliser materials, for undesirable, trace and macro elements. These samples will be prepared in a range of acidic and aqueous media and the instrument must be able to cope with these solutions. The instrument is required to replace the current ICP-OES instruments in the laboratory and the analyses performed on them, which include analyses accredited under ISO17025. The technology should be well established and have reference labs to support the use of these specific applications.

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