The requirement is for a collaborative robotic arm (cobot) which is designed specifically for human/robot interaction, without the need for protective devices. The cobot will be capable of carrying out repetitive/assistive tasks in an industrial manufacturing SME environment. It will have sufficient sensors on the cobot to ensure that the cobot doesn’t cause injury to its human colleagues.

Tasks required to be undertaken include, but are not limited to:

CNC machine loading/tending
Manoeuvring of components


The cobot is required to have:

Minimum payload of 10 kgs
Minimum reach of 1300mm
Certifications EN ISO 13849-1, EN ISO 10218-1 and PLd Category 3
Mounting capability within any orientation
End effectors in the form of grippers or similar modules
IP Rating sufficient to be capable of working in contact with CNC cutting fluids
Power supply 240V AC 50 Hz UK 3 pin
Teach pendant and appropriate software in order to be able to program
Control Box

It is a condition that the item quoted for is collaborative, which means that it must contain torque sensors with such sensitivity to recognise when a human is present during a move, and if collision occurs, the arm will halt.

Quotations submitted must advise the following additional information applicable to the cobot they are offering against:

Degrees of freedom and Number of rotating joints
Power supply voltage
Power consumption maximum average
Repeatability (defined/measured in +/0mm)
Axis range in degrees & max speeds per second, per joint
Noise in dBA
Colours available
Anticipated lifespan
Tooling back end type
Cable lengths
IP Ratings for cobot, teach pendant and control box
Additional benefits
Additional Safety certifications
End Effector Integration information
Supply imagery of article being offered
Ease of setup
Integration opportunities with other technologies (number & ease)
Physical interface (useability/longevity/aesthetics)
Warranty period
Maintenance / calibration requirements

Quantity : 2 off system

Questions should be sent to Amy Taylor. This can be done by e-mailing . All questions and answers will be made public. The deadline for questions will be 19th September 2021. Questions and answers will be posted on

The delivery of goods must be supplied and invoiced by no later than Friday 3rd December 2021.

Information on scoring criteria are all contained within the pdf attachment.