At St Michael’s Catholic High School, their commitment to academic excellence is firmly rooted in their Dominican tradition and expressed in their dynamic Catholic ethos.They firmly believe that a serene and happy student is one who will succeed at study, and their pastoral programme is directed to that end. Their School motto is ‘Veritas’, which means ‘Truth’, and their ambitious Mission Statement is ‘Bringing Christ to All and All to Christ’, which is lived out on a daily basis. They want every person who joins St Michael’s to enter into a relationship with the living Christ who demands excellence whilst demonstrating compassion and forgiveness when necessary.Through study, prayer, play and an active concern for others, they hope that children, like so many before, will be happy and successful at St Michael’s and develop a deep sense of Christian social justice and demonstrate, in their own individual way, that they do not simply want to ‘live life’ but ‘change lives’.