Sefton Council are prepared to receive tenders to be included on a Framework of contractors, for the provision of hired passenger transport services (bus, mini-bus, coach, taxi and private hire) to Sefton Council and its establishments. The majority of journeys will take place within Sefton, although, on occasions, routes may start in Sefton but travel out of the borough, or visa versa.
The resulting Framework Agreement’s use is not restricted to Sefton MBC; it is open to be used by the Liverpool City Region (LCR) Authorities and their establishments. (to include Liverpool CC, St Helens MBC, Halton MBC, Knowsley MBC, Wirral MBC and Merseytravel). The period of the contract will be 2yrs plus an option to extend for 2 x 12 month periods, commencing 1st January 2022, upon the terms and conditions set out in the attached documents.
The Travel Support Team is charged by commissioning departments of Sefton Council with delivering passenger transport to those service users eligible to receive this service.
Each bidder will be asked to submit a cost per mile for a vehicle in any or all of 4 Lots;
0 to 5 seater, 6 to 8 seater, 9 to 16 seater and 17+seater vehicles make up the 4 lots.