NIE Networks and Electricity Suppliers use the same keypad application system for keypad customers. All keypad customers detail i.e. the premise number and Supplier reference number allocated to customers are held within the customer records on this keypad application system. Keypad plastic cards are provided to keypad customers for a variety of scenarios; 1) A new keypad meter is fitted at a premise;When a keypad meter is installed by NIE Networks, plastic cards will be provided to the customer. The Electricity Supplier will already have been chosen prior to the keypad meter installation.NIE Networks maintain a stock of keypad plastic card for 6 Electricity Suppliers and these cards are printed with the relevant Suppliers reference number and a predetermined premise number. 2) Change of customer at premise/lost cardsIf a customer moves out and a new customer moves into a premise, on occasions the new customer will request plastic cards as the previous occupant may not have left the keypad plastic cards or they have been lost. In this instance, customers will request new plastic cards from their Electricity Supplier. This request is processed though the keypad application system used by both Electricity Suppliers and NIE Networks.A report is generated once per week by NIE Networks from this keypad application system, which collates these requests made by Electricity Suppliers and gathers the details required for the new plastic cards to be created These requests are provided on a weekly basis to a third party to fulfil and post to the customer. 3) A customer changes their Electricity Supplier When a customer decides to change to an alternative Electricity Supplier, during the registration process with their new Supplier, the customers details are entered into the keypad application system and the Electricity Supplier requests new keypad plastic cards to be issued to their new customer. The procurement of the Electronic Keypad Cards and any new additional services will be launched under a separate procurement process. Please note a separate call for competition in the form of OJEU contract notice will be published on eSourcingNI. Any interested parties will still be required to apply separately when launched and expressing an interest in the market engagement shall in no way be accepted as registering an interest. Additionally, expressing an interest in the market engagement will not be a prerequisite in relation to the future tender competition. Please note this is not a call for competition. Please provide a short description of your experience in this area. NIE Networks will shortlist attendees on the basis of direct relevant experience. In addition, in the event of the required being over subscribed NIE Networks may restrict the total number of attendees to the first 6 suppliers who demonstrate direct relevant experience in this area. Project S1119(2022) has been created on eSourcingNI; where parties can register their interest to attend and give a presentation. The only way to register is via the secure messaging function in the project , by providing no more than 4 names of representatives from your organisation who will attend and a brief description of your direct relevant experience.