The Authority requires a partner to manage, operate and administer the 101 Single Non-Emergency Number (101 SNEN), which allows the UK Public to make non-emergency contact with their local Police Force.

The 101 number receives approximately 30 million calls per year, providing Critical National Infrastructure and supporting 46 UK Police Forces/Police Services in their purpose of protecting the UK Public. It provides the Public with a straightforward means of contacting their relevant local Police Force and removes the requirement for members of the Public to remember the numbers of individual Policing organisations.

The mission of the 101 SNEN Programme is to enhance the capability, efficiency and consistency of this service. Its mission statement is therefore to create: “A nationally consistent service for non-emergency contact to the appropriate public authority”

The Authority’s requirements have been designed to achieve this objective by enabling the onboarding of additional Public Authorities to the system to expand the scope of service beyond just the Police Forces. A form of Automated Triage is sought to allow calls not most appropriately handled by the police to be identified as early as possible, informing the caller of this assessment while enabling them to continue to contact the police if they feel it appropriate; improving the quality of the service without increasing the burden of expected knowledge on the caller. Subject to Authority-led arrangements, it shall be within the scope of the service to enable these non-police calls where identified to be routed to a non-police agency as seamlessly as if routing to a Police Force. With these additions the Public shall receive an improved, more consistent and capable service.

The Authority is seeking to deliver its strategic priority of enhancing the critical public service which the 101 Single Non-Emergency Number provides and therefore wishes to establish a relationship with a Supplier that supports this vision in a cost-effective manner.

The estimated annual value of the Contract is approx £5.8m-£8.3m ex VAT. This is an indicative value for information only, the Authority expects to receive optimum value for money proposals as part of the procurement.

The proposed initial Contract duration is 5 years from the Operational Services Commencement Date (i.e. date Supplier’s Services go live) with option to extend by up to 2 further years in 1 year increments (i.e. 5+1+1yrs up to max 7yrs). Throughout this period the Supplier shall be expected to manage, operate and administer the required Services. The Supplier shall be responsible for the set-up, maintenance, up-keep and development of the service in order to maximise value-for-money and ensure the suitable provision of resilience of the national components of the service.

Please note the contract start and end dates stated in this notice are provisional, and further detail is available in the procurement documents.