The service provider will manage the Wellbeing and Recovery College in order to meet the service aims and outcomes. This will include the following:– Implementation of a local partnership approach to deliver a planned programme of courses covering a range of mental health and wellbeing related topics which provides educational and therapeutic approaches as routes to recovery, increased resilience and self-management.- A co-production approach to the design and delivery of the curriculum which will bring together students; educators and trainers; and other health and social care professionals to ensure courses are tailored to local requirements with a diverse mix of expertise contributing to the service.The Wellbeing and Recovery College service aims are:-1. To support people in developing their own recovery focussed learning plans in becoming experts in their own self-care; developing and growing peer support networks; and encouraging people to learn from others who have faced mental health challenges.2. To provide courses and workshops that will empower people to achieve personal goals.The Wellbeing and Recovery College service outcomes are that people affected by mental health problems in North Ayrshire will:– Experience recovery in terms of improved mental health and wellbeing.- Build social and community supports by engaging with peer supporters.- Access and contribute towards a recovery-based education programme.- Have Improved levels of self-management. The Service will support people to understand their problems and learn how to manage these in pursuit of their individual recovery goals.- Be supported by a service based on co-facilitation and co-learning through peer support; ‘experts by experience’; tutors/trainers; ‘experts by profession’; and a student services team who champion these values.- Be involved with the future development of mental health services in North Ayrshire.