FTS notice: https://www.find-tender.service.gov.uk/Notice/022355-2021
FTS Publication reference: 2021/S 000-022355
Rough sleeping is the most severe and visible form of homelessness. Under his ‘Life off the Streets’ programme the Mayor funds a range of pan-London rough sleeping services, with the aim that everyone sleeping rough in the capital has an immediate and sustainable route off the streets. As part of this programme, the Mayor has a suite of ‘core’ services; some of which are intended to be re-commissioned with new contracts commencing in April 2022.
All services will be underpinned by the Rough Sleeping Commissioning Framework.
The broad objectives of these services are:
• To minimise the flow of new rough sleepers onto the streets
• To ensure that no one lives on the streets of London
• To ensure that no one returns to the streets of London.
The tender will have four lots:
• Lot 1 -CHAIN -Maximum estimated value of the contract over 6 years-£3.6m
• Lot 2 -Clearing House -Maximum estimated value of the contract over 6 years-£6.5m
• Lot 3 – TST North -Maximum estimated value of the contract over 6 years-£21m
• Lot 4 – TST South-Maximum estimated value of the contract over 6 years-£16.5m
Please note this is the estimated maximum value. Actual value of the services are likely to be lower than this value. The above values include core services, specific optional services, and general optional services including expansion of the services.Where expansion of services are taking place under any lot, depending upon future funding available, value could also be higher than stated.

Restrictions on lot: Bidders can bid for all lots, however, between Lot 3-TST North and Lot 4-TST South a bidder will be awarded only one lot. Each bidder will be required to submit their preference during tender bid submission and should the same bidder win both Lot 3 and Lot 4 then bidder will be allocated the lot which is their first preference and their other lot will abandoned . Subsequently, the next ranked bidder in the abandoned lot will be awarded the abandoned lot.

Contract start date will be April 2022. Contract duration will be of three (3) years and options to extend the contract for a further period of up to three (3) years, exercisable in one or more periods to a maximum of three (3) years. The maximum duration of the contract (including all extensions) will be not more than six (6) years.
Tender documents link for all lots:

Lot 1- CHAIN
Lot 2- Clearing House:
Lot 3- TST N
Lot 4- TST S