Frampton Cotterell Parish Playing Fields, School Road Frampton Cotterell Bristol BS36 2DA

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council are looking to contract for improvement works currently being undertaken at the above site. As part of the overall project, the Council wish to include the provision of a new electrical supply to existing floodlights used by the Frampton Cotterell Rugby Club. In addition the new supply will be used to power a mobile lighting system.

You are invited to submit a tender for the work in accordance with the attached documents.

The tender, signed by a Director of the company together with accompanying documentation completed as directed, must be sent by email marked only:

‘ TENDER DOCUMENTS Frampton Cotterell Parish Playing Fields – For the attention of Parish Clerk- STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL’

Tenders must be received by 12 Noon on 20th September 2021

Tenders must be returned via email to the following recipients

All Tenderers are requested to contact the Daisy Finniear, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council Project Officer in advance of their intention to visit site during the tender period. Email:

In the event of any queries you may have arising during the tender completion period; these should be submitted directly by email to Howard Giddens. Email:

The last date for acceptance of queries being 12.00 Noon on 20th September 2021 after which all Tenderers shall be deemed to have become fully conversant with the requirements set out in the tender documents.