Refurbishment & Roof Repair to existing house at No. 2, Heywood Close, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. House is currently long term vacant and in poor condition. Mass concrete exterior walls to original house. 300mm block with100mm partially insulated cavity for extension to rear and front. Roof to be fully replaced. Chimney to be fully removed and realign interior walls. Full rewire, plumb, and heating. New windows, exterior doors. Interior all woodwork to be replaced, all walls receiving plaster, new kitchen, bathroom x 2. Full BER upgrade to property by means of exterior insulation and pumped cavity etc. Air to water will be the main form of heating. Exterior damaged boundary walls and driveway to be replaced.

 Request For Tender
Re: Upgrade & Refurb Works to Void Dwelling at No. 2, Heywood Close, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Dear Tenderer,
Please note that the Tender Documents for the above Contract have now been uploaded.
Tenderer shall read carefully all documents and ensure that all items required are included in the Tender submission:
The Contractor is also asked to note the following
 Failure to submit a signed Form of Tender will result in automatic disqualification.
 Failure to submit a signed Pricing Document will result in automatic disqualification.
 Failure to complete the project with the timeline indicated in the Instructions to Tender and Schedule will result in liquidated damages
    of €40 per day.
Interested Parties are required to submit the following electronically via etenders website:
     Completed Volume D – Suitability Assessment Form, along with all supporting documentation
  Completed Appendix A: Applicants Personal Situation Declaration
  Completed Appendix C: Health and Safety Declaration
  Completed Appendix E: Declaration of Statutory Obligations
  Completed Appendix K: Preliminary Health & Safety Plan
  Completed Volume B: Tender and Schedule
  Completed Volume C: Pricing Document
The successful Tender shall be required as a minimum to submit the following prior to the signing of the contract:
 a) Details of Insurance
 b) Confirmation of compliance with CIF Pension and sick pay scheme or similar.
 c) Tax Clearance certificate
 d) Detailed Site-Specific Safety and Health Plan
 e) Method Statements
 f) Programme of Works
 g) Signed Rates of Pay Certificate
 h) Confirmation of acceptance of PSCS
 i) Parent Safety Statement
The Freedom of Information Act 1997 (F.O.I) applies to Tipperary County Council. If a tenderer considers that any of the information supplied by him/her is either commercially sensitive or confidential in nature, it should be identified and the reason for its sensitivity specified. In such cases, the relevant material may, subject to the provisions of the Act, be protected from access in response to Freedom of Information requests.
Access to the site can be arranged by contacting Gary White on 087 1765622 or by email at
Tenders must be uploaded to etenders not later than 15:00hrs on Fri 23rd April, 2021.
The Contractor must comply with all statutory requirements as per the Contract Documents.
Any tender received after that time will be disqualified.
Yours faithfully,
Jonathan Cooney, A/S.E.,
Housing Section.