Green Roots – Growing Nature Networks.
Brief for the procurement of community engagement consultants.
Organisation National Trust Cymru
Brief description of supply Community engagement (asset-based community development)
Estimated value of tender £14,000
Tender final submission date Friday April 16th 5pm
Send Tenders to
Tenders opened Monday 19th April 9am
Name of Contract Southwood Estate community engagement
Completion of work Final ‘event’ late June/early July. Final report 16th July.
Contact Address: Ysgubor Fawr, Mathry, Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire, SA62
Contract Manager: Mark Underhill
T: 01348 837 860
M: 07810814587
For any queries or discussion please contact:–
Helen Willson (Volunteering and Participation Consultant)
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions: See Appendix 1
All projects supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund agree to share their digital outputs through an open licence or public domain dedication. This requirement applies only to works created with the project funding.
Objectives of this commission
Through this community engagement work we want to establish the following:
• An understanding of how biodiversity, ecology and natural assets are valued locally;
• The range of community assets and capital locally which could feed into a healthy and productive landscape supporting the locality. The Southwood Estate assets are just one part of this;
• An understanding of how the wider local community aspirations crossover and compliment those NTC has for the Southwood Estate. Also, how they diverge;
• A framework for ongoing work with opportunities for partnerships and co-production identified;
• A better understanding how we can work with communities to best realise our aspirations as a national organisation.
• A better understanding of the community and key stakeholders
The longer-term aim is a shared vision and plan for the future of Southwood Estate that is working in harmony with nature and delivering significantly improved outcomes for nature, carbon and people.
We would like a community asset-based approach to the work. The appointed consultant/agency will work with Southwood Estate and NTC to ensure their assets are represented in the process.
The appointed consultant/agency will work with Southwood team to identify stakeholders and relevant communities. We recognise the experience and skill an external consultant/agency will bring to this process and we are therefore (as there is an expectation that NTC will learn from this experience) we are open to recommendations regarding methods and approach.
As this is a multifaceted project other work will be running in parallel e.g. [environmental survey/ modelling etc). We will make available additional information as appropriate and expect the consultants in each area to engage with each other during the project.
Tendering process
This brief has been openly circulated to agencies who have been invited to tender. The appointment will be made on the most suitable tender depending on quality, experience and price.
Please note that the research brief can be distributed internally within your organisation for the purposes of preparing your proposal. Under no circumstances must the brief be disclosed or distributed to any other party without prior consent.
Please send one electronic copy of your proposal to Karen Carciero- by 5pm on Friday April 16th 2021. Tenders received before the deadline will be held until the deadline has passed and then opened on Monday April 19th 2021.
The presentation of the proposal is at the discretion of the tenderer; however, it should cover the following areas as we will assess tenders based on the following criteria:
• Proposed approach – details regarding proposed approach to enable value for money and quality to be assessed
• Previous relevant research experience
• Overall price and breakdown of costs for each component of the research, showing time in days and cost per person per day
• Identify any partners or sub-contractors that would be involved
Indicative timescales
The following is an indicative timeline of activities, and timings will be confirmed at the first meeting.
Phase 1: April and May 2021
Building on existing knowledge, identify community stakeholders, assets and gaps.
Mid point: End May 2021
Consultants and NTC collaboratively look at the synergies between needs/wants that have been gathered by the findings thus far and generate options and next steps.
Phase 2: June 2021
Re-engage local stakeholders, testing/exploring options gathered by all consultants and consider options for next steps.
Final ‘event’: Late June/Early July 2021
Presenting findings and recommendations in an appropriate (covid secure) format for the benefit of local stakeholders.
Submission of final report: 16th July 2021
Required outputs
• Report of community engagement with:
o An Executive Summary
o Data and analysis of from community engagement activities
o Recommendations of next steps
o Potential partners and interested bodies from the community
• A summary of findings in a format suitable for presentation and engagement with the local community
• Development of suitable end-of-project “event” with NTC and the community that will deliver appropriate collective feedback to the local community, organisations, groups and individuals engaged throughout the project.
o Working with NTC and other consultants to agree format and input required for ‘event’
o Leading on the coordination and delivery of the ‘event’
The budget available for the community engagement is £14,000 excluding VAT. Please provide a clear breakdown of the costs involved, the expected outputs and activities to involve stakeholders and communities. Payment details will be discussed with the appointed tenderer.
Contact details
If you have any questions or points of clarification related to the brief prior to submission of tender, please contact:
Mark Underhill
The National Trust expects to work closely with an identified contact person throughout the project and we expect regular liaison and updates. Please state in your proposal who this contact will be and contact details for this person