Demolition of selected existing prefabricated educational buildings and walkways, including removal of all associated ramps, railings, drainage, site services, overhead mechanical / electrical services, fencing enclosures, gates, screens and like. Making good on completion to the remaining site areas.
Temporary Works include provision of site hoarding, temporary signage, support of existing structures and completing the work to ensure the surrounding permanent buildings and retained prefabricated buildings remain un-damaged throughout the course of the works.
The project includes for carrying out works within the existing FET Campus. Contractor to make good any damage to existing structures and finishing’s where affected by the works. Provide for necessary temporary hoarding during the course of the works and remove on completion. All costs in connection with this condition shall be included in the rates including supervision, co-ordination, attendances, health and safety, and insurances.
The minimum standards for participation in this competition (Suitability Assessment Criteria) are set out at Volume B – Department of Education and Skills Suitability Assessment Declaration. Tenderers must meet the relevant minimum standards in all respects. Prior to preparing and submitting a tender, potential tenderers should first check the criteria and minimum standards set out in the Suitability Assessment Declaration and satisfy themselves that their firms meet those standards. No liability will be accepted by the Contracting Authority for the cost of tendering.