Conventional Vehicle Systems Post Design Services Request for Information.
The Authority (DE&S) is considering the appointment of a single Design Authority (DA) for the legacy platforms detailed in the attachment. This Request For Information (RFI) is therefore being issued prior to the commencement of any such formal requirement, and/or associated Contract Notice being issued through the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP), with a view to obtaining comments from Industry on this proposal. The proposed Roles, Responsibilities and Obligations (RR&O) of the single DA in this context are as outlined in the attachment. In engaging the market at this stage, the Authority seeks to better understand the appetite and capability for undertaking such a role; whether this is considered feasible; and the early identification of any associated risks, issues or concerns – including any constraints – such as Intellectual Property (IP). The Authority intends to follow this RFI with a ‘virtual’ Industry Day prior to publication of any formal Contract Notice.