Dublin City Council is the largest Local Authority in Ireland, employing approximately 5,900 staff. The 2020 Revenue Budget amounts to €1.03 billion, while the three year Capital Programme 2020 to 2022 amounts to €2.65 billion.

The Council provides a wide and diverse range of services to the citizens of Dublin City (population in excess of 500,000), to businesses and to visitors to the city. Activities are carried out in both the physical works area (e.g. provision and maintenance of housing, roads) and in the areas of arts, sports, recreation and social services (e.g. libraries, sports facilities parks, community development and housing welfare services). The City Council also provides emergency services through Dublin Fire Brigade.

Council facilities are spread geographically throughout the city and are also located outside the Dublin City Council area. The Council headquarters are located at Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

Dublin City Council is responsible for the social, economic, infrastructural and cultural development of the city. The range of services provided by Dublin City Council could best be summarised by listing the programme group structure used by central government to classify the activities of all local authorities as follows:

• Housing & Building
• Road Transportation & Safety
• Development Incentives & Controls
• Environmental Protection
• Recreation & Amenity
• Education, Health & Welfare
• Miscellaneous Services

Dublin City Council is seeking to establish a Multi-Party Framework Agreement for the supply of both High Level and Low Level Lane-Separators.
The lane-separators will be used to provide physical separation between cycle lanes and general traffic lanes.
Two distinct types of lane-separators are required and they will be tendered for in different lots.
High Level lane separators are required to provide physical separation between cycle lanes and general traffic lanes in cases where there is no requirement for vehicles