Rehab Group has a requirement to carry out a series of premises fit-out, alterations and refurbishment projects across its own portfolio and that of its funded services nationally. The estimated value of projected works to Rehab Group properties is in excess of €3 million. Rehab Group would like to appoint a panel of architect-led design team(s) to provide professional services for all such projects. There is a requirement for completion of certain projects in 2021, with a pipeline of projects in subsequent years. The Rehab Group invites tenders from architectural firms to provide Architect-led Design Team Services for premises, design, fit-out and refurbishment projects. Rehab Group’s intention is to establish three Multi Supplier framework agreements (3 lots), across geographical and functional areas served by Rehab Group’s network of funded divisions

RE: MSFA for Architect-led Design Team Services for the Rehab Group
To Whom It May Concern,
The Rehab Group wishes to establish three (3) Multi Supplier Framework Agreements covering the following geographical areas that reflect regions served by Service Delivery entities funded by Rehab Group: 
Lot Number
Connaught & Ulster
Please note that a separate proposal is required for each lot.
The procurement timetable is outlined below.  Rehab Group reserves the right to adjust this timetable as required during the procurement process.
Key Milestones
Planned date/time
Issue Request for Tenders
31st March 2021
Closing Date for Questions
28th April 2021 (NOON)
Closing Date for Tenders to be Returned
5th May 2021 (NOON)
Yours faithfully,

Gary Gartland
Procurement Manager
Rehab Group