Cemetery and Crematorium services have a requirement to supply and deliver mortuary consumables to Liverpool City Public mortuary on behalf of the Authority

The City Mortuary is based at :
Pembroke Gardens
L3 5RR

The required consumables include but are not limited to:
• 10% Neutrally Buffed Formalin – 5ltr container
• Gloves (Safe Grip)
• Bio-guard Hand & Body Foam 500ml
• Dexpure High Risk Glove – (S) – (XL)
• Swann Morton Brain Knives – PM40 Blades
• Swann Morton PM 40 Handles
• Swann Morton PM60 Blades
• Swann Morton PM60 Handles
• Swann Morton Scalpel 22 Blades
• Compressed Cellulose Sponge-150x100x25mm
• 28s Grey Wadding
• Adult Body Bags priced each
• Adult Economy Body Bag priced each
*Please note the above list is a guide of the products required under this contract
Full product list and details can be found in Appendix A Specification