The proposed works are a detailed Site Investigation Scheme which are required to support design and construction activities associated the preliminary and detailed design of the R135 Cycle Network Scheme Ashbourne.
The investigation works are to extend over the entire works area and surrounding lands. Site investigations specifications for the contract is in general accordance with Specification and Related Documents for Ground Investigations in. Ireland Part II (Institution of Engineers Ireland) – Technical Specification and Bill of Quantities
The Investigation includes Slit Trenches, Footway Cores & Pavement Cores, to determine the extent of services, pavement make up and ground conditions along the scheme as indicated on drawings. The scope also includes
•Geotechnical Soil Sampling per S1.12.3
•Laboratory Geotechnical Testing per S1.19.2 and S1.19.6
•Laboratory Testing for Waste Acceptance Criteria per S1.20.5 (soil)