The London Borough of Newham is seeking a supplier of materials, tools and equipment to support its repairs, maintenance and improvement service of its housing stock, street lighting, highways minor works and ancillary services. The contract will run for six years with two extensions of two years each at the Council’s discretion. The value stated in this notice is based on the possible duration of ten years.

The Council does not consider that subdivision into lots would be appropriate as a single core supplier with a single ordering and contract management process will help to ensure economies of scale and efficiency of contract running.

Following the selection questionnaire stage, the Council intends to shortlist six candidates which will be invited to submit initial tenders.

Following evaluation of initial tenders, the Council reserves the right to award the contract based on the initial tenders or to invite the three top scoring bidders at initial tender stage to participate in the negotiation stage.

Following the negotiation stage the three bidders will be asked to submit final tenders.

A key requirement of this contract is the provision of Community Wealth Building initiatives and outcomes.

The supplier will provide materials, tools and equipment to the Employer in order to support its essential front-line services. This is a new role that has been designed as part of the Employer’s in-sourcing of its stores service.

Please note that in order to access the Oracle Fusion Portal for this procurement process, Bidders MUST register as Suppliers on the London Borough of Newham website—buy/2