This call for tender relates to the purchase of a high purity germanium detector designed to work in a low background passive shield equipped with anti-coincidence active shielding, to minimise minimum detectable activities across the gamma energy range 2 MeV for the measurement of environmental samples in both Marinelli and planar sample geometries.
Tenders will be evaluated on both the basic fulfilment of a requirement, and accompanying justification for each presented solution.

This purchase will improve EPA’s capability for the characterisation of radionuclide concentrations in environmental samples. It focuses on increasing measurement sensitivity and sample throughput: to improve emergency response times for the measurement of artificial radionuclides, and minimum detectable levels of naturally occurring radioactive material. The chosen model will enable the establishment of a low background gamma spectrometry setup consistent with the efficient implementation of modern standards and recommendations for radiological monitoring, in combination with ongoing improvements to active and passive shielding.

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